Are you interested in Clement Ford' PUT A QUARTER DOWN program? While we have made a name for ourselves via an outstanding selection of Hyundai automobiles, O'Fallon also knows Clement Ford is the leading voice when it comes to helping you drive home in one of these great cars for JUST ONE QUARTER DOWN!

What to do?  Read more to find out how the trusted Clement Ford One Quarter Down finance experts are ready and willing to handle everything from new car financing to bad credit problems on your behalf!

Does The Quarter Down Program with Clement Ford Require Bank Approval?

Clement Ford's Quarter Down program does require bank approval. We can--and do--get customers financed for as little as one quarter down regardless of their credit score, bankruptcies, or debt situation. Our lenders understand that everyone's situation is different. Whether you have fixed income, short job time, previous repossessions, bankruptcies, we fight on your behalf to obtain the financing that you deserve. We pride ourselves on being able to assist our clients in a manner that is most conducive to their individual wants & needs. It is our goal to help each customer drive better for less.

For shoppers concerned about getting an approval, financing rates, or options, we have the tools to assist in getting you into your next vehicle today! This program not only helps get you into a reliable Hyundai vehicle, but can help your credit score through lender reporting to the major credit bureaus. You can drive away today in one of our Hyundai vehicles by simply filling out the application & allowing us to go to work on your behalf to secure the financing that you deserve. We are here to get you back on track and assist in rebuilding your credit. We can & we will help you!

We believe everyone deserves the chance to own nice, reliable transportation. We help our customers find solutions to make vehicle ownership simple, affordable, & enjoyable. We treat our team, our clients, and the community we serve like family.

Can I Secure Financing with 25¢ Down?

Getting financed with 25¢ at signing is one of the many specialty services provided at Clement Ford by our auto loan team. Also, if you are appropriately qualified for this type of financing, you can pair up the option to make no payments for 30 to 60 days with this no-money-down approach to traditional loan arrangements.

Naturally, setting up this kind of agreement and paying 25¢ down for your new car requires some extra data for us.

If you are interested in what it takes to explore your one-quarter-down options, take a moment to connect with our group of expert auto loan professionals today at 636-492-5052.

Low Credit Is Never an Issue for the Clement Ford Staff

Facing down low credit as a car buyer in O'Fallon is clearly a situation that can stifle your enjoyment of the car buying process. Even so, by taking your business to Clement Ford, you can drop the poor credit blues and begin the process of heading home in your dream car, truck, or sport utility vehicle (SUV) today.

Of course, having bad credit can complicate the process.

However, while other dealers simply look at this number and build their decision solely upon it, we choose to look over every little bit of information regarding your unique situation.

By doing this, we have built a new level of commitment and respect for customers with low credit that is incomparable in O'Fallon — and supported countless customers as they move through this tough situation and find the best car for their unique daily agenda.

What Do I Bring Along With My Quarter?

When it comes to what you need to bring with you when you visit Clement Ford (or complete our simple and safe online credit form), we recommend bringing the following items with you to confirm the process comes through as expediently and simple as possible:

  • 25¢
  • Social security number
  • Driver's license
  • Current residency information
  • Pay stub or other employment verification info
  • Similar documentation for cosigner and/or co-applicant

Going a step further, each potential buyer has specific considerations and comes from his or her own particular background, so it is always a good idea to reach out to the auto loan group here at Clement Ford by calling 636-492-5052 first before you set aside some time from your busy daily schedule and work in a meeting.

How Do I Begin the Process of Getting Financed?

When you're shopping for quality used cars near St Charles, MO, Clement Auto Centers is the place to go. Not only do we want to put you in a great new Hyundai; but we want to do it for a low price, as well. Whether they are finance specials, service specials, or new car specials, you'll be guaranteed to save. If you'd rather talk in person, you can contact Clement Ford or stop by our dealership in Wentzville, Missouri today. We look forward to doing business with you! Because of this reality, we would like to ask that you take a few minutes and complete our straightforward and safe credit application by selecting the button below.

After receiving this information, our dedicated credit and loan department will go ahead and being collating information regarding all of the car loan offers for you. Going forward, we will reach out and bring you up to speed on how best to make the most of these top pricing deals.

Thanks again for stopping by Clement Ford, and we cannot wait to connect you with the best auto financing opportunities in O'Fallon and its connected locales soon!