Why Go Electric?

Posted at Mon, Jul 12, 2021 8:30 AM

It’s no secret that the world and the ecosystem change every single day.
With the amount of waste we are putting into the environment, us as humans
need to start making conscious efforts to help the environment. There are
plenty of ways to start helping the environment, you can recycle, or
compost at your house, but one of the upcoming ways to help the environment
is to invest in an electric car.

Recently, Ford introduced the new 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Truck. This is
the first ever F-Series truck that is gas-free and offers purposeful
technology. This 100% electric based car has so many features that not only
help the ecosystem but could help your family in a time of crisis. With
Ford’s Intelligent Backup Power, you can use the F-150 Lightning as a
backup power source to your home during a power outage. This works exactly
like a generator and can provide up to 3 days of full home power.

So, are electric vehicles worth it? How much do they really help the

A new study by the universities of Exeter and Cambridge in the UK and
Nijmegen in the Netherlands has concluded that electric cars lead to lower
carbon emissions overall, even if electricity generation still relies on
fossil fuels. The results are reported in the journal Nature
Sustainability. Under current conditions, driving an electric car is better
for the climate than conventional petrol cars in 95% of the world, the
study finds.

Just by leaving behind the tailpipe emissions that are pumping harmful
chemicals into the air instantly improves the local air quality. So to us,
yes, eco-friendly cars are worth the extra money. To make our environment
healthier this is an easy fix to think about when looking for your next