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Getting pre-qualified for the loan you need and securing an outstanding new car for your daily commute is easier than ever thanks to the Clement Automotive Group quick credit auto loan program.

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Have Questions? Get Answers with our Finance FAQ below.

We Ensure Financing For Everyone

Clement Ford places such a large emphasis on ensuring financing for everyone here in St. Louis, it all boils down to empathy and understanding. You can always count on us to look beyond the numbers and see instead a fellow citizen of St. Louis who deserves to have access to reliable, safe, enjoyable, and affordable transportation.

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what will my payment be?

Use Clement's Auto Loan Calculator to find out how much you need to budget for that car you love without impacting your credit score!

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Simply supply us with your name, birthday, location details, contact info, and the type of vehicle that you've always wanted to drive on the roads and highways of St. Louis and we will do the rest. It really is that easy.

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Will This Impact My Credit Score?

Because your credit score is worth protecting, check if your pre-approved with no impact to credit score.

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How To Come Prepared

Social security number
Driver's license
Proof of residency
Pay stub or other employment verification info
Required documentation for co-applicant and/or cosigner (if applicable)

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Next Steps In the Buying Process

At this point, you are ready do a credit check

It’s time to start sifting through your options on financing a new or pre-owned Ford from Clement Ford. With this in mind, we would like to invite you to take a couple minutes of your day and fill out our straightforward, safe credit loan application by pressing the button below.

Once we get our hands on this insight into your situation, our industry-leading credit and loan team will go ahead and begin gathering information regarding all of the auto loan offers for you.


Don’t Forget your Trade-In

Get a real offer in minutes

Your trade-in can make a great down payment. Tell us your car's specific features and condition. They'll verify the offer using the same questions you answered at home.

Find out what you can get for your car today. Offers are good for 7 days. The offer is the same whether you sell or trade in.

Value Your Trade

clement exclusive programs

More car buying tips & tools. Find more options, we have other ways to pay.

quarter down

put a quarter down program

Getting financed with 25¢ at signing is one of the many specialty services provided at Clement Ford by our auto loan team.

car buyer

First-Time Car Buyer Program

There isn't subscriptions or titles in this club! As long as you’ve been at your current job for 3 months or longer, you’re all set.

foreign business

Foreign Professionals Program

Have you recently relocated to the United States, haven’t established any credit, and are looking for a car loan? Clement Ford can help!


bankruptcy program

Why should you let something like bankruptcy stop you from enjoying the allure of driving home in the vehicle of your dream?

Finding the right vehicle

want to see what vehicle will work with your budget?

Are you in the market for a new car, but not sure what car will work with your budget? Find out by using our car payment calculator. Discover what car and monthly payment can work best for you!

car payment calculator

find your vehicle

Are you in the market for a certain car, but you are not quite sure how to get your hands on one? Then you will be excited to find out our absolutely free used car locator service can help you find the pre-owned automobiled that catches your interest.

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Financing FAQs

Financing Process

How Do I Begin the Process of Getting Financed?.

When you're shopping for quality used cars near St Charles, MO, Clement Auto Centers is the place to go. Not only do we want to put you in a great new Hyundai; but we want to do it for a low price, as well. Whether they are finance specials, service specials, or new car specials, you'll be guaranteed to save. If you'd rather talk in person, you can contact Clement Ford or stop by our dealership in Wentzville, Missouri today. We look forward to doing business with you! Because of this reality, we would like to ask that you take a few minutes and complete our straightforward and safe credit application by selecting the button below.

After receiving this information, our dedicated credit and loan department will go ahead and being collating information regarding all of the car loan offers for you. Going forward, we will reach out and bring you up to speed on how best to make the most of these top pricing deals.

Can I Get Financed with No Money up Front?

Receiving financing with no money down is one of the myriad buyer benefits provided at Clement Ford by our auto loan group. Even better, if you are appropriately qualified for this type of financing, you can also opt to make no payments for 30 to 60 days with this no-money-down approach to traditional loan contracts.

To make this deal happen, we do require some extra information from you regarding your financial standings. If you are interested in what it takes to get the ball rolling on this front, set aside a few minutes and talk with our group of trustworthy car loan professionals today at 636-978-3673.

Is Low Credit Is Not an Issue for the Clement Ford Staff?

For many prospective car buyers in O'Fallon, the threat of poor credit unfortunately clouds over the process of acquiring the best vehicle and detracts from this otherwise fun and exciting experience.

However, while other dealerships merely view this number and base their decision exclusively based upon it, we opt to review every little bit of information regarding your personal situation.

By doing this, we have set a standard of trust and respect for car buyers with poor credit that is incomparable in O'Fallon — and supported countless customers as they work through this hard situation and locate the best car for their specific daily schedule.

why finance with us?

Why So Many Car Buyers Get a Loan with Clement Ford?

If you are interested in learning more about what we have to offer, it is a good idea to cover exactly why getting a loan with Clement Ford is always the right call. The overarching notion to bring up is that no other group of self-proclaimed industry leaders can offer up the kind of service and support available here at Clement Ford. Should you come to us to help you go through your potential car loan solutions, you can count on having the following benefits and top-tier tools ready to go.

Lasting Relationships with Top Banks — Building lasting relationships with the most trustworthy organizations, both locally and nationally, means you will be able to select from a plethora of choices as you uncover the appropriate loan.

Desire to Fight for the Top Financing Agreement for You — While it might not be easy to admit, scoring the lowest price on your car loan requires a proactive approach on the negotiation process. That being said, our trained financial staff is able to fight for you and secure an agreement that makes the most of your automotive needs.

Years of Experience and Success —Thanks to having years of automotive industry experience on our side, you can trust firmly in the notion that all of our finance staff has the ability to successfully lead you through this sometimes uncertain and complex event.

At the end of the day, there is no denying Clement Ford is the most trusted source when it comes to connecting you — and the appropriate financing agreement to go with it.

Why We Work to Secure Financing for Everyone?

In terms of why Clement Ford places such a large emphasis on ensuring financing for everyone here in O'Fallon, it all boils down to empathy and understanding. While other dealerships might focus exclusively on the bottom line at the end of every month, our team of lifelong members of the O'Fallon community would rather offer up a helping hand to our neighbors as they recover from tough financial situations.

In other words, you can always count on us to look beyond the numbers and see instead a fellow citizen of O'Fallon who deserves to have access to reliable, safe, enjoyable, and affordable transportation.

Can I Secure Financing with 25¢ Down?

Getting financed with 25¢ at signing is one of the many specialty services provided at Clement Ford by our auto loan team. Also, if you are appropriately qualified for this type of financing, you can pair up the option to make no payments for 30 to 60 days with this no-money-down approach to traditional loan arrangements.

Naturally, setting up this kind of agreement and paying 25¢ down for your new car requires some extra data for us.

Am I Eligable for financing?

Are You Eligible for Financing from Clement Ford?

First up is the big question on everyone's mind: "Am I eligible for financing from Clement Ford?" The short answer: Of course! Our team of automotive financing experts is more than happy to work with shoppers here in town who come from all types of financial backgrounds, including:

Bad Credit – To err is human, and bad credit decisions in the past are no exception. If you are trying to work your way back from a bad credit scenario, the Clement Ford team would love to help you rehabilitate your credit and get you behind the wheel of a dependable and stylish vehicle today.

Slow Pay – Having a history of "slow pay" might be a deal breaker for other dealerships, but Clement Ford is happy to help you work out a play that gets you back on track, on time with your payments, and approved for the loan you need.

Repossessions – One of the biggest negative strikes against prospective buyers here in O'Fallon comes in the form of a prior repossession. Fortunately, this is no big deal for the Clement Ford team. We understand that the past is in the past, so let us help you move forward today and leave this issue in the rearview mirror of your new Ford vehicle.

Bankruptcy – More than a million people file for bankruptcy every year in the United States, so you are not alone if you are currently dealing with this issue. Clement Ford is proud to help you rebound with a great new or used vehicle as you move beyond a past bankruptcy.

No Credit – Fresh out of school or never had a credit card? No problem at all! Clement Ford would love to help you responsibly build your credit with a sensible and appropriate loan on a new or used Ford vehicle that fits your unique needs.

As you can see, we are more than happy to help virtually everyone here in O'Fallon, including you, get financed for the vehicle of your dreams. Regardless of your past economic circumstances, we can help.

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