Financing for Everyone in O'Fallon Is Always Available at Clement Ford

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There is no better feeling than jumping behind the wheel of a brand new Ford vehicle and pulling out onto the streets of O'Fallon. Unfortunately, far too many local buyers feel like they can't enjoy this experience because of financing or credit issues.

Here at Clement Ford, we see things a little differently. Instead of holding bad credit and other issues in the past against you, we would rather work with you to engender a better automotive future that puts you back in control of your transportation needs. With this in mind, spend a moment following along as we explain exactly how the concept of "financing for everyone" from Clement Ford can fit into your next automotive purchase or lease here in O'Fallon.

Are You Eligible for Financing from Clement Ford?

First up is the big question on everyone's mind: "Am I eligible for financing from Clement Ford?" The short answer: Of course! Our team of automotive financing experts is more than happy to work with shoppers here in town who come from all types of financial backgrounds, including:

  • Bad Credit – To err is human, and bad credit decisions in the past are no exception. If you are trying to work your way back from a bad credit scenario, the Clement Ford team would love to help you rehabilitate your credit and get you behind the wheel of a dependable and stylish vehicle today.
  • Slow Pay – Having a history of "slow pay" might be a deal breaker for other dealerships, but Clement Ford is happy to help you work out a play that gets you back on track, on time with your payments, and approved for the loan you need.
  • Repossessions – One of the biggest negative strikes against prospective buyers here in O'Fallon comes in the form of a prior repossession. Fortunately, this is no big deal for the Clement Ford team. We understand that the past is in the past, so let us help you move forward today and leave this issue in the rearview mirror of your new Ford vehicle.
  • Bankruptcy – More than a million people file for bankruptcy every year in the United States, so you are not alone if you are currently dealing with this issue. Clement Ford is proud to help you rebound with a great new or used vehicle as you move beyond a past bankruptcy.
  • No Credit – Fresh out of school or never had a credit card? No problem at all! Clement Ford would love to help you responsibly build your credit with a sensible and appropriate loan on a new or used Ford vehicle that fits your unique needs.

As you can see, we are more than happy to help virtually everyone here in O'Fallon, including you, get financed for the vehicle of your dreams. Regardless of your past economic circumstances, we can help.

Why We Work to Secure Financing for Everyone

In terms of why Clement Ford places such a large emphasis on ensuring financing for everyone here in O'Fallon, it all boils down to empathy and understanding. While other dealerships might focus exclusively on the bottom line at the end of every month, our team of lifelong members of the O'Fallon community would rather offer up a helping hand to our neighbors as they recover from tough financial situations.

In other words, you can always count on us to look beyond the numbers and see instead a fellow citizen of O'Fallon who deserves to have access to reliable, safe, enjoyable, and affordable transportation.

Figuring out Your Next Step

Now that you understand why and how financing for everyone works here at Clement Ford, there is really only one question left to answer: What is the next step for you as you work beyond the tumult of a poor credit situation and toward a better automotive future?

To tackle this one, you will need to start by connecting with the friendly team of financing experts here at Clement Ford the next time you have a free moment. After doing this by calling us at 636-492-5052 or filling out the handy credit application linked below, we can connect with you and help you begin to figure out which path forward is right for you.

With this concept leading the way, we look forward to talking to you soon and doing everything we can to ensure that our commitment to providing financing for everyone here in O'Fallon always holds true.